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In automotive sector, “Pay Teknik” is a productive and efficient company preferred by the O.E.M(s) and their vendor companies. Pay Teknik believes in customer satisfaction and ensures continuity of success in its work.


Pay Teknik is a company that has been continuously improving its quality and refining its working conditions by investing in technology as well as customer expectations. We enable our suppliers and buyers to receive a quick and trustworthy feedback on questions. Our company offers only the production of molds for the automotive industry.


The improvement of our products and processes enables us to meet the needs and expectations of the company as best as possible. As a result, we are able to work qualitatively, efficient, environmentally conscious and competitive.The work environment and of course, working conditions also play an important role here.


We know that our employees contribute the most to the success of our company. That’s why we see our employees as our most valuable asset. Basics of our values are:
Respect, continuous improvement, customer orientation, reliability and contribution to society.

Our company was established in 2006 through the partnership of Fuat BANUĞOĞLU and Caner KERMAN.

Payteknik has served its customers with high-quality, up-to-date and competitive prices. Our factory has been in the “Çalı Sanayi” district since 2011. In the automotive industry, Payteknik, who was always loyal to the principle of “customer satisfaction”, maintained its success.

We believe that our employees contribute the greatest share of the success and competitive advantage of our company and we see our employees as our most valuable asset.

About sheet metal forming, we have experience in following stamping technology and design:

  •  Progressive
  •  Tandem
  •  Transfer

We are serving the automotive sector with the design and production of stamping dies

The goal of our company is, besides the innovative technology of course, to meet the expectations of the customers and to continue to improve the quality of our products and the working conditions for our employees.

Our unending race to reach the position of being most preferred and efficient company of the O.E.M(s) and their vendor companies by following the desired standards with the current knowledge and experience in the sheet metal forming sector with the best price offering and time.