Our Environmental Policy

We abide by the all environmental laws and regulations to maintain environmental integrity and to ensure min. negative effect on environment. The consciousness of living in a clean environment in the future is obtained by not carrying out any dangerous or damaging production activities.

  • To provide continuous improvement by abiding all legislations and customer requirements related to environmental pollution.
  • By using appropriate technologies that minimize damage to the environment in the technical and economical areas and by reducing the use of raw materials.
  • Consideration the environmental effects on plant and process design.
  • We develop our environmental management system for continuous improvement of our environmental health.
  • Ensuring participation of our employees, our vendors and our neibhor companies by raising awareness and responsibilities towards the environment
  • To be in constant communication with suppliers and customers and to improve the environmental health of the manufacture of our products.
  • Improve activities such as transport, storage, administration, disposal and care to reduce waste and protect the environment with recycling.
  • Reducing the risks that may arise in the name of occupational health and safety regulations for creating healthy and safe environment.